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My name is Munira Yussuf and since 2012 I have been freelancing as a digital illustrator. I mainly work as a social worker and the remaining time I am passionate about the world of digital art. I work primarily with digital painting but have mastered different techniques which are adapted according to the customer's criteria.


My strongest aspects are my creativity, speed and accuracy – everything is ultimately about getting a high quality illustration that makes the customer more than satisfied. My works have been mentioned in publications such as PAPER Magazine, Afropunk, Mvslim and VICE Sweden. I enjoy challenges and have worked with assignments such as advertising, book and magazine covers, posters, web graphics, record covers etc. 


Clients that I have worked with in selection: Riksteatern, Bloomquist Communications, Ibn Rushd Studieförbund. See my website for more work samples.

Techniques: Digital painting, large-scale pixel-based graphics, landscape painting, abstract, digital portraits and concept art.

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